Good luck! Seminar of 1998

以下は、短期大学部英米語科2回生ゼミナールの卒業論集Apple IV・ の刊行に寄せたものです。ゼミの雰囲気がわかれば幸いです。


Dear Seminar members 1998

Do you remember the first session of our seminar? It’s only ten months before, but for me it seems to be a long time ago. Our big goal this year was to go beyond the seminar 1997, which I think now was a little vague, because you actually didn’t know what the seminar one year before was. In spite of that, you, twenty six excellent members were working diligently and enthusiastically, tackling communicating with foreign people, home page building, oral presentation in English and, etc. Usually our session was extended till five thirty or sometimes around six thirty. I know how you felt exhausted and worn out. You really worked hard.

I said to you, “the seminar is the place where you, students make new trials and exchange ideas with others.” We made several new trials. First we started bulletin board system where you could post your ideas and also make comments to others. Second we communicated with college students in UAE, though you had not yet accustomed to using e-mail or incorporating ideas to homepages in June, but I think it was good attempt. Third every member of our seminar made her own homepage successfully, searching information, exchanging ideas with foreigners and putting your own ideas. Actually last year, we tried the same shot, but they could not make it like yours because they started late. In this sense you are the first group of students to have own homepage in English in our college.

Of course I also made several mistakes like keeping diary attempt. I feel sorry for this, because you paid five hundred yen to it, but in the experiments, we should not be afraid of making mistakes.

What have you learned in this college? Of course you acquired various skills and knowledge, but the information will be old soon. I think the most important thing is you’ve learned how to get information if you need and how to organize your ideas using internet and computers. For that purpose, internet is a good solution and knowing how to use computers and internet will be great advantage for working in the company or learning English. For many people including adolescent like you, internet is not yet a tool to be used like VCR or cellular phone. Please keep using internet and computers. Never forget to get a new ID for e-mail and accessing internet. I believe you can get a head start in the new place.

I’ve already started to miss you. I have thought most of this class among seven courses I had in 1998 academic year, and I think you’re the best students I’ve ever had. It might be the same feelings every year, but I hate February and March. Meeting you, twenty six member, was just a coincidence, but this coincidence gave us a wonderful one year, I think.

As I told you in the last session (January 21, 1999), I would like that the members of this seminar keep in touch with each other and me. I believe Bulletin board (you can access as usual) and e-mail will be helpful for that.

Please mail me at least once a year wherever you are, wherever you work. I bet I’ll reply to you wherever I will be.

Thank you very much for the splendid year of 1998.

(1999 3.24)

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